When I originally submitted my drawings to be included in the IFA Festival (Indigenous Fashion Arts) runway show, I had imagined that I’d be accompanying my work on an airplane into Canada and backstage. Dear Canadian Covid-19 travel restrictions: I hate you. Now I’ve packed everything up with little tags in gallon ziplocks and garment bags, in a hard black carryon from Walmart, and mailing it off to New York so that the generous [and fiercely talented] Niio Perkins can drive the work over the border when she goes. From there, Skydu.û Jules will pick them up after the show and take them with her on a plane to White Horse, in the Yukon territory, for the Adakä Festival runway show a month later. I’m quite nervous to send my little babies off on an adventure without me, but I must trust in their future. They were quite literally made for the IFA show. Enormous thank-you to Sage Paul and her team for taking a chance on me, and also to the generous artists and culture-bearers Skydu.û and Niio for supporting other creators. The indigenous art community is such a dream to be a part of.